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2014-01-23 12:00:15 by Druids-Warcry

Hey Newgrounds, it has been awhile since I have made a new news post.


I haven't had a lot of time to write songs or really post much of anything these days, but I do have a few tracks I made and posted.  Listening to these songs will give you a feel for what I've been going through in my life recently: living life on my own and with a roommate, struggling with relationships, trying new things in life, etc.  If you happen to dig what I'm doing, don't forget to favorite me or leave a comment. I love feedback and I love reviews, but most of all I love comments, so don't be shy.


I've been doing a fuck ton of drugs (as usual). DMT was a mind melter!  Check out the track DMT.  In a nutshell, this is what I came up with on a hard DMT trip.  Trip yourself, turn it up and tell me what you experienced!


While I was working out in Hagerstown I ended up catching feelings for a tsundere girl who made this otaku fall hard in love!  I ended up going to Otakon with her.  We clicked at times, but it wasn't meant to be.  I guess that's what happens when you try to chase more then one bunny, or in this case geishas with chainsaws.  Enjoy Smells Like Anime Taboo.  The beat was made by ThaKidd.


Then there was this girl I was dating: a cute little whore who broke my heart.  She ended up cheating on me with a 13 year-old boy in my own house.  It's a long but mostly funny story.  If you really want to know all the details just shoot me a PM. Here is Letters To Sutphin, a song produced by Charmanzer.  Check him out too.


In my off time I've been working on my flow on oldskool beats, so check out some fire spits by yours truly in Earth.


I was on a month long bud and shroom binge and was feeling a bit Crashed Out.  To this day I'm not sure if drugs make my music better or if I just think it's better, so you all can be the judge of that.


When I was working at Lowe's I met this dude named Frankie, and it turns out he was into producing music too.  He's the only person I've met that I feel matches my own abilities with FLstudio.  He is a sick dubstep artist!  Check him out on SoundCloud: DJ F.M.  We ended up collabing and made this little track called Beat Creeps.


I had a killer Collab going on with NewGrounds' very own mother fucking Badman  Incorporated.  Check out this Fallout sampled drum and bass track about life as a super mutant in War Never Changes.


One of my BEST ambient piano tracks is Asiatic.  It's just a good chillout song.


I tried to start my own genre called Electro Math Rock.  It's one part DnB, one part house, and all the fun of math without having to set foot in a math class.  Check out Plain Walker


the weather has been quite odd so I made a song about it Odd Weather


There you have it, guys.  I have a few other tracks, but this post is honestly too fucking long already,  so thank you for checking out my news post.  Hopefully you'll peek some of these tracks and I have my fingers crossed for some reviews!




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